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Screenshots of a testimonials on Instagram:

Testimonial 1

"I love it used it to find a bunch of great deals in my area" - March 29th 2022



 Testimonial 2

"Yes!! Very and happy with it!" - March 20th 2022


 Testimonial 3

"Tool is great!" - Feb 16th 2022


 Testimonial 4

"I'm loving it! Gives me a huge advantage on what properties would work for what I'm looking to do, and what price I should go in for an offer" - Jan 23rd 2022




 Testimonial 5

"Recently bought your analysis tool! I've used it a lot since I bought it" - Jan 15th 2022


 Testimonial 6

"It's Amazing" - Jan 15th



 Testimonial 7

"Loving it! Just met with my realtor and she's going to help me find some 3-4 plex multifamily homes. I have a plan and a goal, thank you so much for encouraging me" - Jan 2nd 2022




 Testimonial 8

"Yes I like it, it makes life easier! Saves time plus the margin of error is minimal" - Jan 2nd 2022