Rental Robert Resources

🔎 For finding properties. A comprehensive resource for real estate listings and information, provides a wealth of data on homes for sale, recent home sales, and local market trends.

📍 Property Tax by State Map: This is used to check the property tax in all 50 states so you have a better idea of what states have better tax benefits.
    🇺🇸 Real Estate Legislation Map: You can use this map to see what states are more landlord friendly ie. easier to raise rent, less issues with evictions etc

      🛠 Analysis Tools: Before making any investment in Real Estate you need to make sure it makes sense financially. These tools are used to reduce your investment risk, analyze deals, make smart choices and generate lots of passive income!

      🔫 You can learn more about the areas crime rates so you know what areas are higher risk. This helps lessen risk from the area.

      🤝 Mentorship Program: Learn from Rental Robert with access to over 13+ courses and one on one consulting.

      💰 This is used to check the average rent in an area. This will give you a better idea of how comparable properties in your area are being rented for.

      📚 Real Estate Ebooks: This is for you to learn more about real estate investing so you can make more informed decisions.

      🇨🇦 This is for searching for Canadian Real Estate works similar to